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Price: £55(+VAT)

SKU/Item Number: DMXCL-5

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DMX controlled cue light with 5 pin connectors

DMX Cue Lightó5 pin

Price: £55(+VAT)

SKU/Item Number: DMXCL-3

DMX controlled cue light with 3 pin connectors

Text Box: DMX Cue Lightó3 pin

Price: £35(+VAT)

SKU/Item Number: TBCL-1

Provides an additional means of attracting the attention of anyone who should have their headsets on.

Talk Back Call Light

Text Box: Price: £5.00(+VAT)

SKU/Item Number: TRM120-3 & TRM120-5

Text Box: DMX Terminator in 3 or 5 pin Neutrik Connector.

DMX Terminator

Price: £POA

SKU/Item Number: 000000

Sits in the DMX line and is used to over-ride the control on any one channel. Useful for smoke machine control or localized control of any DMX fixture.

DMX Interceptor

Price: £POA

SKU/Item Number: PPI-1

Test your phantom power with this useful gadget. Built into a Neutrik connector the Phantom Power Indicator tells you if the supply is good, bad or unbalanced.

Phantom Power Indicator

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