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I have known John Watson for more years than I care to remember. A gifted presenter, John gives a hugely entertaining introduction to stage lighting aimed at school age students. In addition John designs and installs lighting systems for schools & theatres through out the UK

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People we like to work with


Sarah is a talented photographer and artist. Not only is Sarah a joy to work with she is also one of the nicer people on this planet.


A great organisation to work alongside.

So much provided by so few with so little to do it with.


Great products, great people to work with.



Another talented, hardworking photographer specialising in sporting events. A real good guy.


Creative Photography, Video & Multimedia production.

Based in Newton, though working nationally and abroad, Rick Tampion is a professional photographer equally skilled in still or video work.

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SamacSys develop software solutions that are cost effective, easy to learn and above all really useful. Their LivePart Library tool has saved us countless hours in BoM costing and preparation.